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Roccoco Presents NOOKEE: Claroscuro

  • 3h 0m

£10 - £12


  • Duration 3h 0m
  • Type Music

Roccoco presents the exclusive homecoming performance of NOOKEE’s live concept album: CLAROSCURO, a sensory journey of sound experimentation, visuals, and storytelling.

A woman’ is swimming in a warm sea, her head above water. The sea becomes cold, and she begins to sink to the depths of the ocean, appearing to herself as an octopus. She finds herself in the devil’s dining room, bound to the trickster’s marbling eye. As she battles her way out of the lair and swims closer to the surface, she's approached by the Devine who humbles her through a reminder that her journey is not over...

About the artists:

A soulful story-driven fusion of funky grooves and ethereal harmony. 

More a family bond than a band, NOOKEE’s fronting identical twin sisters weave blood-matched harmonies through genre-defying sounds from their newfound brothers. Unrestrained by any method, this group’s curated live show has been likened to that of Frank Zappa and Earth, Wind & Fire. Bringing to the stage more than just sound, this six-piece band takes advantage of all performative elements including outfits, props, narrative and theatrics. NOOKEE’s set sonically ebbs and flows through a spectrum of emotions showcasing the powerful vocals of 70’s soul, hypnotic grooves from samba to disco and the punchy sounds of psych rock. 


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