Emma Stone lays on a table wearing a glass helmet covering her face with wires leading from it.


Poor Things (18)

  • 2h 21m


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  • Duration 2h 21m

UK | 2023 | 141’ | 18 | Yorgos Lanthimos | Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe

This is the incredible tale of the fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter, a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter. Childlike yet in an adult body, under Baxter's protection, Bella is eager to learn. Hungry for the worldliness she is lacking, Bella runs off with Duncan Wedderburn, a slick and debauched lawyer, on a whirlwind adventure across the continents. Free from the prejudices and inhibitions of her times, Bella grows steadfast in her purpose to stand for equality and liberation. A gloriously imaginative absurdist romp through the age of exploration and modernity, with an exquisite central performance from Emma Stone.

A woman is brought back to life by an unorthodox scientist in this fantastical comic fable.