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Remarkable Rhythm by Krystal Lowe

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Remarkable Rhythm & Writing Movement Workshop: An exploration of writing and movement for families.

By Krystal S. Lowe

Writing Movement Workshop: An exploration of writing and movement for families

Media Point (First Floor)

Tuesday 23, July, 11:00am-12:00pm

FREE (Please book a ticket with your performance)

Age: Participants who are 7+ and their families; this workshop is created for young people to engage alongside their families.

Content: This workshop will allow participants to explore writing audio descriptions for their own movement - whether it be everyday movements or more stylized – and that of their family. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore how it feels to speak their self-written audio descriptions while they move and, in pairs, how it feels to speak the audio descriptions of another.


Remarkable Rhythm

Seligman Theatre

Tuesday 23 July, 2pm & Wednesday 24 July, 11am & 2pm.

One bench, two people, and five days.

Through music, movement, and mishap, two young people experience the difficulty and joy in connecting with those unlike themselves.

Rhythm is spontaneous and experiences life as movement; and all sound as music. Glas loves life smooth and stable; preferring things remain the same. When Rhythm and Glas meet at Bellevue park they have the five days of half-term to see if their friendship is worth keeping, before they go back to their separate schools.

Will they find a way to create something remarkable and discover a rhythm that is theirs alone?

Remarkable Rhythm is a dance theatre show for young people 7+ and their families.

With integrated audio description by the two dancers, this show is accessible to audiences who are blind or partially sighted and the physical storyline is visually clear so allows D/deaf audiences the ability to also experience every show fully.

Access Information:

Integrated Audio Description

Audio Described performances are designed for children (or their adults) who are blind or partially sighted. Audience members using this service listen to live verbal commentary describing what is happening on stage. They can also hear descriptions of the set, costumes, facial expressions, and body language.

For Remarkable Rhythm, our Audio Description is a central part of the show with the performers speaking the Audio Description live while they dance.

Integrated Touch Tour

A touch tour gives blind or partially sighted audience members a chance to familiarise themselves with the set, props and costumes before the show begins.

For Remarkable Rhythm, our Touch Tour is a central part of the show with all audiences being welcomed into the stage space as they enter each performance to explore the set, props and costumes before each show begins.

Created by Krystal S. Lowe in association with Theatr Iolo

Funded by Arts Council Wales and Theatr Iolo, and supported by South East Dance

Creative Team

Writer/Director - Krystal S. Lowe

Set Designer - Simin Ma

Lighting Designer - Elanor Higgins

Composers - Tumi Williams and Craig Yellen

Production Team

Production Manager - Nick Allsop

Touch Tour Guide – Karema Ahmed


Rhythm – Krystal S. Lowe

Glas – Jules Young