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Rufus Mufasa: Tri(ger) Warning(s) album launch

  • 3h 0m


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  • Duration 3h 0m

Join us for the highly anticipated album release from Rufus Mufasa, bringing bilingual bite back.

This body of work is a direct follow-on from their critically acclaimed Flashbacks & Flowers, celebrating hip hop and hybridity, bilingualism and bravery, riot and resurrection. An exclusive to Chapter, this album launch is guaranteed to be a cultural highlight – a testament to resilience, guts and grace.

Critically acclaimed multidisciplinary artist Rufus Mufasa (Flashbacks & Flowers 2021, both stranger & of this place 2019, Coracle Europe Slam Champ 2023) releases their hybrid hip hop album Tri(ger) Warning(s) launching new Record Label Swynwraig. Calling rank from the peripheries, exploring key word theories and indigenous languages significant to the landscape, their work acts as a reminder to keep moving, keep making, keep kicking back, keep calling it out.