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The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.


The Bench by Krystal Lowe



  • Type Dance

Chapter Front Garden

Monday 22 July



The Bench is simplistic yet captivating, mundane yet marvellous; it will leave audiences enthralled in its mesmerising complexity, possibility, and intricacy of movement on top of and around a massive park bench.

Four dancers rotate throughout a six-hour period; each taking part in solo, duet, trio, and quartet improvised explorations of a bench so large it makes you remember how it felt to be a child in a park again.

Each dancer, from a different movement background, comes to the bench with no plan, no choreography, and no rehearsal. They draw from their individual skillset and interests to seek out what is magical and marvellous in the mundanity of a massive park bench.

One dancer begins, they explore The Bench on their own. Upside down, on top and beneath - whatever they choose, the possibilities are endless. Then, they are joined by another dancer and the two of them begin to explore The Bench, together and apart. Then the two are joined by a third and then a fourth until all four dancers explore The Bench together. And as they explore The Bench, they support each other to do more than they could on their own, allowing their bodies to connect and entwine in intricate movements and dynamic shapes.

Join us, as we remind ourselves to find the magic in the simple, everyday things around us.

Join us, as we discover how community supports connection and discovery.

Join us, at The Bench.

Created by Krystal S. Lowe

Set Design by Simin Ma

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