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Aswan Reid in The New Boy


The New Boy (15)

  • 1h 36m


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  • Duration 1h 36m

Australia | 2023 | 96’ | 15 | Warwick Thornton | Cate Blanchett, Aswan Reid, Deborah Mailman, Wayne Blair

A mysterious new arrival disturbs the delicate balance of a remote monastery run by renegade nun (Cate Blanchett-Tar, Carol) in this captivating story of spiritual struggle and the cost of survival. The arrival of the ‘new boy’ (newcomer Aswan Reid) unsettles the monastery, but enlivens Sister Eileen’s fervour for Christ to be his guide, and as his Indigenous spirituality clashes with Sister Eileen’s teachings, she must make a choice: uphold tradition or embrace what comes next...