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WBF: All American Runway Bootcamp with Leighton Rees Milan & The Welsh Ballroom Community.

  • 1h 15m



  • Duration 1h 15m
  • Type Workshops

Join the founder of the Welsh Ballroom Community for a workshop to educate and entertain.
Learn about the history of ballroom and the fashion category ‘All American Runway’ before focusing on exercises and techniques, so each person can live their fantasy as a model on a high fashion runway show.

Leighton Rees Milan is a Dancer/Choreographer/ Creative Director and Founder of the Welsh Ballroom Community.

The Welsh Ballroom Community is the first ballroom scene in Wales, where it honours the traditions of ballroom created by black and latina trans women and is inspiring a new generation for LGBTQ+ creativity and freedom.

Leighton was the first person in Wales to join the UK Dynasty of The Royal Iconic House Of Milan, one of the Ballroom Houses which was founded in 1989 in the United States of America by Eric Christian Bazaar.

Please follow this link for more history on The Royal Iconic House Of Milan.


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