Still image from the animated film Kensuke's Kingdom. A pink and blue sunsets sets over an island that's rich in greenery. Large bird has it's wings spread and is flying to the right of the treehouse.


CAF 2024: Kensuke's Kingdom (PG)

  • 1h 24m


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  • Duration 1h 24m

UK | 84 mins | PG | Dir. Neil Boyle, Kirk Hendry

A young boy and his family set off on a sailing trip of a lifetime. Excitement turns to terror when a violent storm erupts and Michael and his dog, Stella, are swept overboard. They are washed up on to a remote island, terrified and struggling to survive. One day, Michael discovers he is not alone when he is confronted by a mysterious Japanese man who has lived there secretly since World War Two, angry that Michael has arrived. However, as dangerous invaders threaten their fragile island paradise, Michael and the old man, Kensuke, join forces to save their secret world.

The screening of Kensuke’s Kingdom, on Saturday 27 April, will be followed by a Q+A with director Neil Boyle, art director Mike Shorten and head of compositing Neil Martin, hosted by Nia Alavezos.

The screening of Kensuke’s Kingdom, on Sunday 28 April, is a relaxed screening. The lights will be slightly raised, the volume is lowered, and there are no trailers or adverts. Visitors are free to move around the auditorium or make a noise as they feel comfortable.

Content Warning:

Mild threat, upsetting scenes, violence, injury detail, language