The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.


EXPERIMENTICA 24: Future Ritual: A Felling

  • 1h 30m


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  • Duration 1h 30m

A Felling explores ideas of death, remembrance, transformation, rebirth and the transference of energy between bodies and with the environment . This immersive work, invites audiences to step into a space of contemporary ritual, activated through intense embodied practices and characterised by expressions of compassion, vulnerability, strength and ethical exchange.

Ash McNaughton’s actions encourage a synergetic exchange between their physical, psychological and spiritual body and the environments they inhabit. This practice is an attempt to articulate that which escapes us. A poetics of a fluid presence in a fixed world.

Joseph Morgan Schofield's queer ritual actions foreground desire, grief and wildness emerging through encounters between their sweating, wanting, sensate non-binary body and a host of agents - human and otherwise, including memory, geology, weather and myth.

Marcel Sparmann’s artistic interest focuses on the creation of intense collective situations, compressed and formed in emotional and spiritual landscapes, in resistance. He is interested in the exploration of a more profound understanding for compassion, kindness and bravery in the light of an unfolding vulnerability.

Access: quiet space available in Media Point on the first floor of the main building.

Content warnings: Bloodletting, Body practice.

This is a durational performance, audiences are welcome to come in and out of the space at their discretion.


This performance is Pay What You Can. Please choose a ticket price according to what you can afford. Payments go directly to supporting the artists that we work with and our community to bring you more performances, exhibitions, events, and activities like this in the future as well as ensuring Chapter is as inclusive and accessible as possible.