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EXPERIMENTICA 24: Ocean Baulcombe-Toppin: For You/On Hope



Offered as a form of solace, For You/On Hope takes inspiration from spiritual herbalism to keep faith during uncertain times. The work gifts instructions on seeded paper for a personal/private ceremony where recipients are invited to place and grow affirmations, allowing hope to flourish. Shared during a tea offering in the festival hub and mailed to local communities.

Ocean Baulcombe-Toppin (b. 1996, London) is an artist who practices in trust and hope. She works eco-consciously with object, language, print, and nuanced interaction to craft a contemporary philosophy inspired by her spirituality, Caribbean-British heritage, and rituals for solace. Working with second-hand objects, biodegradable materials, ephemera and renewable energy, she explores ideas relating to hybridity, ancestral healing, environmentalism and collectivism.

Recent presentations of her work include exhibitions and performative gestures at Neven Gallery, London; Metroland Cultures, London; Nottingham Contemporary, Nottingham; Somerset House, London; Harlesden High Street, London; the Freud Museum, London; Deptford Cinema, London; and South London Gallery; London.

Access: Large text and audio versions of the work will be available.

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