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House of Milan - Homage to the Icons & Legends Mini Ball Deluxe

  • 4h 0m



  • Duration 4h 0m
  • Type Dance

Leighton Rees Milan and Tayo Milan present the ‘Homage to the Icons and Legends Mini Ball Deluxe’.

Marking a historical moment in hosting the first Mini Ball Deluxe in Wales, our Mini Ball is a celebration of the Pioneers, Icons and Legends who paved the way in ballroom for future generations.

Come with us and relive those magical moments that defined Ballroom!

To register as a walker, please complete the following form - we will then be in touch with a code to purchase your ticket:

It is a huge honour to be bringing our Father and Uncle, The 2X Hall of Famer Icon Dawan Milan from The Royal Iconic House of Milan to the UK for the first time! Dawan will not only be judging the Mini Ball, but he will also be teaching the Oldway Experience class for the first time outside of the USA.

Thank you to Mythntits for this beautiful artwork which features:

Pioneering Icon Pepper LaBeija
Icon Kristina Tsunami
Icon Onjenae' Milan
Icon Jihad Milan Ebony
Icon Dawan Milan

The Royal Iconic House of Milan was originally created by the late ballroom commentator Eric Christian Bazaar in 1989, and officially debuted in a ball hosted by Pioneer Pepper LaBeija at Traxx in 1989. The Royal Iconic House of Milan dominated in many ballroom categories, such as: Fashion, Face, Performance, Runway and Realness.

In February 2023, the UK Dynasty of the Royal Iconic House of Milan was born, which included the first five Welsh members in the House of Milan. They were brought home by the 2x Hall of Famer Icon Dawan Milan, who is one of the reigning Iconic Kings of Oldway.

The UK Dynasty of the Royal Iconic House of Milan officially debuted in ‘The Power Ball,’ hosted by Vogue Rites in Somerset House on 12th August 2023. The current members are Leighton Rees Milan, Supreme Milan, Tayo Milan, Opulence Milan and Alia Milan.


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