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Tom Marshman: Section 28 and Me Tea Party

  • 2h 0m

£0 - £8


  • Duration 2h 0m
  • Type Plays/Drama

In connection with his new show, Section 28 and Me, coming to Chapter in June, Bristol-based artist Tom Marshman is gathering communities to explore the impact of Section 28 legislation introduced by Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government.

Over the past year, Tom has been hosting tea parties and collecting stories from across the UK. Personally, he wonders if growing up within the decade in which queer life was silenced has made him a bit of a show off, compelled to share queer or LGBTQI+ stories? He has observed strong reactions to this legislation – emotions are running high, particularly at this dangerous moment when a repeat of similar legislation is possible, returning to the silencing of queerness in this country.

The tea parties are a place for communities to meet and share their stories over tea and cake. You could have lived through this time or be curious to know more, everyone is welcome. There will be short performances connected to the topic to provoke conversation, providing starting points for discussion.

Image credit: Mark Gray

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