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Tom Marshman: Section 28 and Me

  • 1h 0m

£10 - £12


  • Duration 1h 0m
  • Type Plays/Drama

Section 28 and Me is a playful, honest and heartfelt portrait, exploring queer stories on past invisibility and shame.

Section 28 was in place between 1988 and 2003, and was the legislation that banned local authorities and schools from ‘promoting homosexuality’.  Teachers weren’t allowed to teach or talk about same-sex relationships; anyone who broke the law could face disciplinary action.

In this new show theatre maker Tom Marshman asks: has the impact of growing up within Section 28 legislation made him both a show off and an over-sharer? Digging deep into his psyche, drawing on personal reflections, past performances, and his dad’s unique perspective, he considers this period of forced silence.

Tom asked many queer communities: what is your Section 28 story? Gathering intergenerational voices, connecting history and politics with the deeply personal, to celebrate the resilient and unique LGBTQIA+ community.

Tom Marshman: Section 28 and Me Tea Party

Saturday 29 June


Pay What You Can: £0, £3, £5, £8

In partnership with Chapter, Tom will host a tea party to discuss the impact of Section 28 on the queer community, making forgotten histories visible and connecting them to urgent issues of the present moment.

More information and tickets available here.

What was the impact of growing up under Section 28? Does it explain why Tom Marshman is an extreme show off and an over-sharer? This is a heartfelt show exploring stories and reflections on past invisibility and shame.


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