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Sgarab Tapes presents Megzbow & Vinegar Tom, T Person, and Xavier Boucherat

  • 2h 30m


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  • Duration 2h 30m

SGARAB TAPES is a Cardiff-based label for ‘dead serious gear’. Join us for the release of ‘Field Mulch’ by Megzbow and Vinegar Tom, and ‘The Sun / The Throat’ by T Person.

Megzbow & Vinegar Tom were responsible for one of our favourite releases in 2023, ‘Welsh Noise Vol II’, a collection of heat-treated, preternatural field recordings from Pembrokshire. Expect a live set melding the same warped material with live improvisation via a range of home-made instruments; brandy glass drones, hydrophonic microphones submerged in pails of water, farmyard cowbells and kitchen utensils, all manipulated alongside janky synthesisers. This gig will see the release of ‘Field Mulch’, a live recording of their November 2023 performance at the recently shuttered and much-missed London space Iklectik, beautifully mixed and mastered by George Rayner-Law

T Person is a writer, artist, musician and menace from Aberdeen. Their upcoming EP on Sgarab Tapes, ‘The Sun / The Throat’, is a pleasingly noxious mix of piano dirges, YouTube affirmations, harsh noise and shredded bothy ballads, with contributions from cellist Sam Bradley, saxophonist Xavier Boucherat, and spoken word from Loll Jung. Their live performance brings together these recent productions, video work and more to create a beautiful psychic affront

Xavier Boucherat, aka BEAUTY PARLOUR, is a guy in Cardiff working across multiple genres and practices including EBM & industrial, generative music and improv. His music is an act of absurdist world-building that draws largely on ‘the air of calamity’ that hangs over South Wales.

Artist bio:

SGARAB TAPES is a Cardiff-based label for ‘dead serious gear’. It is run by Xavier Boucherat, a musician and editor of ‘Through the Night’ newsletter, with selected gigs and more for South Wales weirdoes: noise, drone, electronics, punk & hardcore, improv, art rock, risky club music, etc.