An artist sculpts a small person in an art studio surrounded by drawings and small sculptures. Still image from the film Showing Up.


Showing Up (12)

  • 1h 48m


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  • Duration 1h 48m

USA | 2022 | 108’ | 12 | Kelly Reichardt | Michelle Williams, Hong Chao, John Magaro, Andre Benjamin

Lizzy, a sculptor who makes delicate clay sculptures. She is preparing for the biggest show of her almost-career, but the stresses of life pull her down. Lizzy’s landlord, rival artist Jo, is currently having huge success with her art installations and too distracted to get things fixed in the house Lizzy’s family are dismissive of her talent. An exquisite comedic portrait of an artist and about the pressures to support yourself and continue to make art you believe in.

A sculptor preparing a show tries to work amidst the daily dramas of family and friends. 

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