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Taking Flight: You've Got Dragons

  • 0h 55m

£6 - £8


  • Duration 0h 55m
  • Type Children/Family

“Dragons come when you least expect it. You turn round…and they’re there.”

Lots of people get them; thumping heart, wobbly knees, swirly tummy. And sometimes they make you feel alone. So, what can a child with a bad case of the dragons do?

A delightful tale of one child’s journey to come to terms with their dragons told in Taking Flight’s unique inclusive style. With live, original music, this highly visual, sensitive production is a humorous and touching exploration of the dragons we all face.

Featuring creative captioning, interwoven BSL and audio description, Mae Gen Ti Ddreigiau/You’ve Got Dragons is a treat for the whole family. And remember… “No dragon is more powerful than YOU!

With thanks to support from:

Arts Council Wales, Colwinston Charitable Trust, The Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity, Garfield Weston Foundation & Tŷ Cerdd

The show is being shown in English and Welsh, see below for details:

Tuesday 16 July: Welsh (10am + 1pm)

Wednesday 17 July: English (10am + 1pm)

Thursday 18 July: 10am English; 1pm Welsh

Saturday 20 July: 10am Welsh; 2pm English