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The Settlers (15)

  • 1h 37m


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  • Duration 1h 37m

Chile | 2023 | 97’ | 15 | Felipe Gálvez | Spanish and English with English subtitles
Sam Spruell, Camilo Arancibia

As the 20th century turns, wealthy landowner José Menéndez sends three horsemen – a British army captain, an American mercenary and a young Mestizo tracker - to secure a trade route from his ranches to the Atlantic through the ancestral lands of the Selk’nam people. An extraordinarily powerful and violent revisionist Western, a debut film from the director that was long-listed for the Best International Feature at the Academy Awards. A film that confronts the savage period in Patagonian history and the unsettling relationship we have between myth and history in Y Wladfa.