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Anushiye Yarnell Performance Residency: Artist Talk

  • 1h 30m


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  • Duration 1h 30m

Anushiye Yarnell is an interdisciplinary dance maker and performer whose work is drawn from personal experience, past and future mythologies. Her works examine the intersection of dream and fantasy realms with ordinary life. Anushiye shares her artistic practice and puts her residency in context at Chapter.

"I will be sharing some reflections and resonances in my work…interconnecting personal, interpersonal and communal creative habitats which move between life and art. Sometimes I rumble something important through sharing in conversation as well as performance so it will be a chance to reflect on the presence of themes such as: the distinct yet interweaving tributaries of shyness and shame and the original intelligence of sensuality, divinations of cellular innocence. What moves us within darkness and what we cast into darkness.

I will be sharing something from a series of blind duets Marathon of Intimacies, Syllabus of Darkness Intergenerational Secular Sunday School and my research and sonic somatic Array of Opposites, in exchange with other artists and creative communities

This is part of my project SYMBIOTIC SOVEREIGNTIES funded by Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru | Arts Council of Wales

Many Thanks to Partner Organisations for providing a creative home and support for this project:

Art Shell, Cathays Youth & Community Centre, Chapter, g39, Maynard and MGC Futures." - Anushiye Yarnell