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Billy Morgan: Hotelle

  • 0h 35m

£8 - £10


  • Duration 0h 35m

Hotelle is a performance work that explores the articulation of the divided feminine, staged in the hotel bar. Pairing a long-form text with live piano, its disparate voices appear through posturing and speech, set to a backdrop of music and sleep.

Mediated by the lonely femme, the work proposes the anodyne piano lounge as analogous to a feminised experience. It traverses states of abandonment, anachronism and contradiction to explore the doubleness at desire’s heart.

About the artist...

Billy Morgan is an Amsterdam-based artist working across performance and text. Their practice foregrounds the fictionality of the body. The estrangement of established frameworks - linguistic, relational, erotic, embodied - is at its crux. This twist often pivots around language, genre and gesture as conveyors of meaning, power and old tongues.

Billy has shared their work at ICA, London (2024), Perdu, Amsterdam (2023), ROZENSTRAAT, Amsterdam (2023), marytwo, Luzern (2022), Juf Project, Madrid (2022), The Place, London (2022), Eau Salon, Zürich (2021), Salon 14, Warsaw (2020), Capitain Petzel, Berlin (2020) and Kem Warsaw (2020). They have led writing and performance workshops at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London (2024), PUBLIC LIBRARY, Edinburgh (2023) and Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh (2023).


Body Double” is a performance workshop that deals with the duplicitous subject. Through writing, movement and collective reading, the workshop explores how staging the self as ‘double’ can open new territories for intervention, transformation and contradiction for a live context. How is the logic of doubleness also one of feminisation? The workshop continues research begun for “Lures”, their recent Live Commission for ICA, London. All experience levels welcome, with a particular invitation extended to queer, trans and femme-identifying individuals.

Please contact [email protected] to book.


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