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Everyman - Two Plays After

  • 2h 0m


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  • Duration 2h 0m

In Two Plays After, two exquisite one-act plays by the renowned Irish playwright Brian Friel (Dancing at Lughnasa Translations) are adapted from works by Anton Chekhov.

The Yalta Game is based on one of Chekhov’s most famous short stories, The Lady with the Lapdog, Friel’s adaptation describes an adulterous affair between an unhappily married Moscow banker (Dmitri Girov) and a young married woman (Anna Sergeyevna). It begins whilst both are vacationing alone in Yalta, a popular seaside resort in the Crimea.

‘A beautiful and melancholy piece of theatre, modern in its wit but wonderfully evocative of a lost time and place.’, – Stage 2001

In Afterplay, Sonya Serebriarkoyva from Uncle Vanya and Andrey Prozorov, the put upon brother from Chekov’s Three Sisters meet in a café in 1920s Moscow and reflect upon their lives and how they’ve developed during the last 20 years.

‘...the secret of this remarkable play is that Friel presents his two people simply as they are without any editorialising.’, - The Guardian 2002

Two exquisite one-- act plays by renowned Irish playwright Brian Friel, the renowned Irish playwright, based on works by Chekhov..