The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.


EXPERIMENTICA 24: Anushiye Yarnell: Array of Opposites

  • 1h 30m


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  • Duration 1h 30m

An immersive participatory movement event drawing on embryological evolutionary sources.

(A dance habitat on a horizontal plane)

A non-didactic, responsive, generative space for personal symbiotic sovereignties to emerge…at once ephemeral and eternal.

A series of permeable missions generated through self-touch within one's personal space.

How can we inhabit our bodies through a survival-navigating, complex, sensual, symbiotic, inter-relational, incremental presence rather than through adverse reactions of flight, freeze or fight?

A “quest” within the question…

Through layers of time/being/presences, still moving through our bodies, seeping into unknown senses. Still breathing, abiding.

Audiences are invited to find a space in the tent to participate in a guided movement practice, seats available outside the tent for observers.

In collaboration with Ya Yonder, Tess Gray and Alastair Gray.

Anushiye Yarnell is an interdisciplinary dancemaker and artist. Her work draws on personal experience, past and future mythologies, and the intersections of dream and fantasy realms within ordinary life. Unravelling the complexity, contradiction, and entanglement inherent to life, at once beautiful and difficult, ephemeral, fallible, sensory, cellular, temporal. Inhabiting questions about life – including death, humanity, the animal and divine, love, and the polarities of survival – generated through personal, interpersonal, and participatory contexts.

In 2022 Yarnell began Syllabus of Darkness an intergenerational secular Sunday school, unravelling ‘darkness’ as a material, metaphor, medium and lived experience.

Access: Captions.

Audio Flyer: Accessible Programme

Latecomers: Doors will open fifteen minutes before the performance start time, please arrive promptly as this event has limited capacity. Any empty seats five minutes before the performance start time, will be released and re-sold on a first come first served basis on the door.

Visitors are invited to observe, or to participate in a gentle movement practice. Please let the usher know if you have a preference.

This performance is Pay What You Can. Please choose a ticket price according to what you can afford. Payments go directly to supporting the artists that we work with and our community to bring you more performances, exhibitions, events, and activities like this in the future as well as ensuring Chapter is as inclusive and accessible as possible.