Dancer leans back in pose with their right hand lifted above them, creating a silhouette in a woodland. A bright light shines on the back of the dancer and on the branches that surround them.


Marikiscrycrycry: Goner

  • 0h 55m

£12 - £14


  • Duration 0h 55m

The Goner is someone who is doomed with no chance of survival—bound to death, a lost and hopeless case. 

This work follows this figure on a sensuous, suspense-filled and fearsome choreographic journey into the psychological depths of the Goner’s horror. Lightly touching on the topics of abuse, Caribbean migration, alienation, belonging, addiction, and violence, Goner utilises the formal tools of solo authorship and the aesthetics of horror to create radical visual culture from a marginalised perspective, teasing out and establishing a Black tradition of horror for the live context. How do we look at culturally specific narratives against a backdrop of thrilling, bloody, and psychological horror? 

Who knows, but there will be blood.

Content Warning: This show contains strong language, flashing lights, haze, verbal references to sex, verbal references to murder, loud sounds including gunshots, sensitive themes and topics, partial nudity, violence, and simulated blood.

Age: 16+

Audio Description by Beth House.

This is a BSL interpreted performance.


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  • AD Audio Description Available
  • BSL British Sign Language Interpreted