Carol Morley holds up a photobooth photograph of someone wearing glasses.


Typist Artist Pirate King (12A)

  • 1h 48m


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  • Duration 1h 48m

UK | Carol Morley | Monica Dolan, Kelly Macdonald, Gina McKee

In a last-ditch mission to get recognition for her talent, a gregarious, non-conformist, forgotten artist persuades her psychiatric nurse to take her on a road trip. This warm, funny film, is based on the real life of Audrey Amiss, who studied at the Royal Academy and left a huge body of work, but whose mental health struggles resulted in her being neglected by the establishment. This fictionalised story by the great Carol Morley was a result of her residency with the Wellcome Collection, where she discovered Audrey’s passport with the intriguing Occupation description “Typist Artist Pirate King”.

+ Join us for a Q&A with Carol Morley at a preview screening on Mon 23 Oct