Ffrindiau chapter - Ymunwch â ni yma


The Printhaus

Born and bred in the heart of Canton since 2010 - we are an independent screenprint and risograph print studio!  A stepping stone for emerging creatives and a hub for established professionals - we are a diverse, friendly community, based at Chapter arts.

We do quite a bit. From studio membership for people of all as, to courses and events we like to keep ourselves busy. And on top of that, we're also a small-scale screenprinting company, working with everyone from local creatives to public sector organisations, as well as community groups.

Why? Simply put - we love print. And we want others to love it too. Through nurturing up-and-coming talent and supporting seasoned pros, we've created an independent, sustainable and down-to-earth creative community that acts as a bridge between education and industry. And we're pretty proud of that.

“We” (husband and wife team/Tom and Jude/Jude and Tom/those guys that print t-shirts and posters)