Richard Higlett

Richard Higlett is an inter-disciplinary artist, curator, musician and occasional joke writer based in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

He works equally in a gallery setting or in the public environments, on works and projects that he describes as acts of folly, being dependent on chance and linguistic association.

Previous works include the creation of a dog choir, a series of fiddle jigs inspired by water flow, a digital typeface from eighth century Welsh handwriting, a minimalist sculpture using 10,000 pennies, a zebra crossing designed for cats and a 10 metre mirrored bill board hidden in a forest.

He rarely exhibits the same work twice. This makes him difficult to define or catalog as an artist, as his methodology and ideas are what he describes as his intangible medium and he is not known for a signature type of work.

As a curator, he was one half of Mermaid and Monster an agency which represented Contemporary Welsh artists in the late 2000’s. In 2010, he founded Goat Major Projects, an artist-led project space in Cardiff which hosted a number of off-site projects and events. He also presents mobile sonic projects via a speaker system mounted on a car roof.

Richard Higlett also exhibits under the names, RE: Higlett, Wally French and Manyfesto. He is a member of the Art Pop duo Starlings Planet, his stage name is Elton Braces.

Since 2018 his work increasingly involves a process of refining form against idea.

His practice is consolidated through