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Everyman: Art

  • 1h 30m


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  • Hyd 1h 30m

What is art? A completely white painting? Serge thinks so; he spent a fortune buying it. His friend Marc doesn’t think so; he thinks it’s “a piece of shit”. What does their friend Yvan think? Does he actually know what he thinks? Does he know if he wants to marry his fiancée? Do his friends care? What is friendship? Are they really friends?

Yasmina Reza’s dazzling comedy opened in Paris in 1994 and won the Molière Awards for Best Play, Best Production and Best Author. Translated by Christopher Hampton, Art opened in London in 1996 and is the longest-running foreign-language play in the city’s theatre history. It‘s received the Evening Standard Award for Best Comedy, the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and the Tony Award for Best Play.