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Spiral Circus Games/​Tom Mead

Tom is a surreal artist who draws monochrome creatures and environments in pen, ink, pencil & digital mediums and is now the Art Director of Spiral Circus Games. 

The childhood trauma caused by a film, “Beatrix Potter’s Ballet”, started Tom’s cathartically led fine art career, as he explored his fear of people in animal suits and anthropomorphism generally.  Tom has drawn his fears for art shows and private collections around the world, illustrating books, making sculptures, card packs and murals along the way. 

Recently Tom decided to artistically explore another of his fears, the deep sea. After meeting Dominic Clarke, a prominent research scientist at the time, this work ultimately inspired the pair to start the games company ‘Spiral Circus’ in 2018. 

Since then, the two co-founders have been working on their debut game ‘Silt’, with backing from London based publisher Fireshine Games. Silt has recently been featured in The Guardian, Eurogamer NME and the front cover of Wireframe Magazine. 

Silt is out soon globally and Tom continues to draw his fears in his new space at The Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

@Gamescircus on twitter